jeudi 25 septembre 2014

Bulgaria ranks fourth place in the world in low taxes for foreigners

Bulgaria is fourth in the world ranking of destinations with the lowest taxes for foreigners, published by the "Daily Mail". Bradley Hekford, company specializing in international expatriation, compiled the top ten countries with low tax burden based on criteria such as quality of life, legal and physical security, quality of economic investment, accessibility of the site and opportunities for recreation. Bulgaria is placed at fourth place in the ranking for lowest tax burden in Europe with 10% tax on personal income. Europeans don't have to invest in order to gain citizenship, but non-Europeans must be willing to invest 400,000 pounds in government bonds, marked by Bradley Hekford. First in the list are placed Bahamas who are close to the U.S.A. and enjoy the splendid surroundings and political stability. The country, which consists of over 700 small islands, offers an excellent standard of living and 0% tax on personal income.

Source : news.bgnes

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