Tentchev Consulting – Internal Resources

Tentchev Consulting is your gateway into the Bulgarian market.   With many years experience of guiding, accompanying and advising businesses who wish to enter the Bulgarian market, Vesselin Tentchev is your one-stop service provider – he will make sure your entry to the Bulgarian market, and indeed all markets in Eastern Europe, delivers maximum results in a cost-effective manner.

Vesselin Tentchev has specific expertise in Eastern European market matters but also has a great deal of skill and experience in day-to-day business and can advise on marketing and operational issues.  In this area, he is supported by a network of specialists, each one complementing his own areas of expertise.

Tentchev Consulting – External Resources

Vesselin proposes to make use of the specialist services of Bragan Turner Associates, and in particular Paul Bragan Turner, the principal, who brings a range of specialist skills to add value to the end result.

Paul, a UK native speaking fluent French and German, has had many years of success in providing practical assistance to European SME’s in matters of business development and management – especially in inter-cultural situations.
With Paul’s assistance, Vesselin Tentchev has every confidence that Tentchev Consulting can provide the total package in performance enhancement:

·      Total language coverage – English, Bulgarian, French and German – to ensure  smooth   communication and management of inter-cultural issues
·         Improved performance in terms of new business penetration
·         Improved performance in terms of operational efficiencies
·         Improved performance in terms of marketing and promotional initiatives

Tentchev Consulting is your one-stop shop for performance enhancement and interface with the Bulgarian market