lundi 11 novembre 2013

DiVino.Taste 2013 : Bulgarian Wine Forum

    We will be there / Hие ще бъдем там / Nous serons présents :

Bulgaria Economic Forum, 14-15 November 2013

    We will be there / Hие ще бъдем там / Nous serons présents :

mercredi 6 novembre 2013

Bulgarie : 1 Md EUR d’IDE en 2013

Avec 6 projets d’investissements dans le domaine des composants automobiles qui devraient se matérialiser dans les 6 mois, le Directeur Exécutif de l’Agence Bulgare des Investissements, M. Svetosalv Mladenov indique que les investissements étrangers (IDE) devraient atteindre 1 Md EUR en 2013.

Pour faciliter les IDE, l’agence a proposé des modifications de la loi sur la promotion de l’investissement, notamment la procédure d’obtention du certificat d’investissement, le nombre des de licences et d’enregistrements nécessaires.

mardi 5 novembre 2013

Bulgarian wine production up by 45% in 2013

This year’s wine production in Bulgaria is expected to reach 180 mln. to 200 mln. liters, which is 45% rise, compared to the 127 mln. liters in 2012, predicts Krasimir Koev, Executive Director of the Executive Agency of Vine and Wine (EAVW).

For the first six months of 2013 Bulgaria has exported 28 187 689 liters of wine, which is a 5,4% increase, compared to the same period of last year, show EAVW`s data. The agency predicts a serious rise in sales on the Chinese market, where almost a million liters are expected to be sold until the end of 2013.

These days representatives of one of the biggest Vietnamese companies have visited Bulgaria and signed a deal for 500 000 liters of Bulgarian wine to be exported to Vietnam until the end of the year. Even bigger quantities are expected to be ordered from Vietnam in February, since they celebrate the New Year in February. About a million liters of wine, mostly red, is expected to be exported for Vietnam. In 2012 less than 300 000 liters of Bulgarian wine have been sold on the Vietnamese market.

Not long ago Russia stopped importing wines from Moldova, which resulted in a higher demand for Bulgarian wines, filling the niche. Usually 40 – 45% of Bulgarian wine export is directed to the Russian market. Another dream market for the Bulgarian winemakers is USA. The American businessman Robert Hike is exporting Bulgarian wine for the US market. His project plans to increase the exports to reach 40 mln. bottles in five years.

“This year we expect to export 200 000 bottles, but we aim at 450 000 bottles next year. It depends on the contracts with the retail chains. At the moment we are selling Bulgarian wine under our trade mark “Bulgariana”, but we are negotiating the export of Bulgarian trade marks for the US market”, said Robert Hike in an interview for “Pressa Daily”.

Last year Bulgaria has exported 60 mln. liters of wine and in 2011 – 58,5 mln. liters. On the Bulgarian market there were 102,5 mln. liters sold in 2012 and more are expected to be sold this year, because of the increased number of tourists that visited the country.