mardi 3 juin 2014

Huawei interested in developing the economic zone in Bulgaria’s Plovdiv

Chinese technological giant Huawei is interested in taking part in the technological renovation of Trakia Economic Zone, comprising of the six industrial zones surrounding Bulgaria’s second biggest city of Plovdiv, Bulgarian Capital Daily newspaper writes. The envisaged projects regard the establishment of an intelligent transportation system between residential areas and plants, the improvement of communication between companies and their inclusion in a system for resource sharing and energy efficiency, as well as setting up data centers. This would attract even more investors to the zone. For the last 15 years it has attracted more than EUR 1 billion via entrance of more than 100 foreign and the similar number of Bulgarian companies. Sienit Holding and KCM 2000 are developing a mega project via specially developed cluster. Several days ago Sienit Holding and Huawei signed a memorandum for cooperation during a Bulgarian-Chinese business forum in Plovdiv. It sets the legal framework of the negotiated between them business partnership.

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