lundi 2 juin 2014

Austria Bio Garantie opened subsidiary in Bulgaria

The largest company for certification of bio foods and products in Austria called Austria Bio Garantie opened a commercial representation in Sofia. In that way there are 13 companies, specialized in the activity on the domestic market. Zhivko Dzhamynov, who represents the foreign investors, says that there is work for anybody in the sector. Sector of biological agriculture is expanding dynamically in the country. More than 4 thousand produces, some of whom have their own farms of more than 100 acres area, are registered in Bulgaria, now. Traders in bio foods also have registered annual increase of 80-100%, they are multiplying any other year now. With the stepping of the Austrian certifying authority on the Bulgarian market local producers will have one more opportunity to export bigger quantities abroad, including Japan and the US. Despite coming from small farms their production is demanded for but only in the presence of guarantees that not only production, but also packing, shipping and transportation processes are made without contamination from unwanted chemicals.

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