jeudi 6 février 2014


Festo Production SPLTD

Festo Production SPLTD is in the process of completing its new production buildings, which will allow doubling of both the company’s production capacity and personnel. It will be located in the complex Festo in Sofia. The new warehouse will have a built-up area of 3473 square meters and joint floor area of 8654 square meters. It will have three floors and will be connected to the existing building via walkway. The investment is assessed at EUR 10 million and is funded by internal loan by the mother company. Construction of the new building is expected to terminate in the first half of 2014. More than 500 jobs are to be created in that way, too.
Festo Production SPLTD is a subsidiary of high-tech German company Festo AG&CO. It is a leading global enterprise for production of magnetic sensors. Except for Sofia, the company has an outsourced department for tool outfit, based in Smolyan.

Standard Profile JSC

Owners of Stara Zagora-based company for rubber sealants for cars Standard Profile, part of Actera group with a registered office in Istanbul, plans construction of still another plant in the town. The new facility will have an area of 4000 square meters and is to be exactly the same as the first one. The investment is justified by winning a colossal project for production of full range of rubber sealants for the new Opel Astra model, as well as by the accomplished agreement with Daimler for equipping Smart micro cars. The new plant will be built by 2015 and will ensure jobs for 1000 more people. Thus in just a few years number of employees in Standard Profile Bulgaria is to reach 2000. Total investment is assessed at about BGN 12 million.
Standard Profile Bulgaria exports all its products, as it delivers ready goods to more than 10 factories. Major customers of the company are General Motors, Fiat, Volkswagen, Renault and Daimler. Products of the Stara Zagora-based plant are exported to four continents-Europe, South and North America and Asia.

Source : InvestBulgaria Agency

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